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The team at JRoss is committed to helping clients improve their businesses by hiring exceptional leaders who live up to a higher standard of personal excellence.

Leaders at finding leaders

Our Recruiters

Focused on Retail

Our recruiters are experienced retail professionals with extensive relationships in the industry. They are keenly interested in emerging trends and the people involved in making them happen. We support the industry by sponsoring associations, conferences and events, along with scholarships to help launch retail careers. We have a proven track record for placing qualified industry leaders who are focused on being long-term contributors to their new organizations. All of this gives us insight and access to a talent pool of strong, capable retail operators and executives that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Use Recruiters?

Over 15 years recruiting for a variety of roles across the country, for a variety of retailers, has created unique relationships with our candidates that are different from those of an internal team. We have found it to be in everyone’s best interest to ensure that candidates take the right job for the right reasons. We are focused on long-term fit, rather than short-term transactions. This translates to new hires who become long-term contributors to their new organizations.

We only present qualified, interested and available candidates who have been pre-screened and fully interviewed. You save time and can focus on a deeper evaluation of candidate fit. Our constant activity across the country can be leveraged to quickly fill challenging roles in remote markets, tough to fill roles, and positions where talent is scarce.

Plus, we’re 100% paid for performance – you avoid day to day expense and overhead.

We offer industry expertise, national presence, low risk and a track record of success.

Why now?

Unfilled positions represent lost opportunities that cost you in a number of ways. Using JRoss to quickly and efficiently fill key leadership positions with talented and qualified people will allow you to get back to the primary focus of your business.

Quality Candidates, Quickly

We have Canada’s largest database of skilled, pre-screened and referenced retail professionals. Our website brings us a steady flow of new candidates. We maintain a highly active presence on leading professional social media platforms. We are heavily involved in the retail industry, attending and sponsoring conferences and sponsoring scholarships. Our constant presence in the field, recruiting for a variety of positions and retailers across the country, keeps us top of mind in the industry. And we’re not afraid of cold calling.

We are natural networkers. The tools shown above let us keep in close touch with industry leaders at all levels and stages in their careers. Our relationship focus extends to candidates as well as clients – we’re all about creating great outcomes for all parties, and as a result we receive a steady stream of quality referrals.

We are a full-service agency - covering the sourcing, interviewing, reference checking and post-placement follow up associated with high-quality search practices.

Confidentiality & Discretion

Within this small and competitive industry, confidentiality is of the utmost importance as we are most often recruiting the employed, or recruiting for a position that is currently occupied. We maintain a high degree of confidentiality as it protects both parties. We only work with consent – we don’t submit resumes for searches we have not been engaged for, or without candidate consent.


Employers – We believe in pay for performance. We are contingency only. Call us about how we can help.
Job Seekers – There is never any cost to you and no risk in connecting with us.

How to Stay in Touch (Job Seekers)

The best way to start is to send us your resume in MS-Word format so we can easily load it into our Applicant Tracking System. It is important to include your address and postal code so we can find you with a proximity search. We also need, in your covering email what you see as your career highlights, what you are looking for in a new position, and if you are open to relocating, where to.

Then, keep us up to date regarding significant changes in your employment status and any job search. And check our website regularly for exciting new opportunities.

We hope we can add value as you build your long-term career in retail.

Here are some examples of the types of positions we fill:

  • Executive
    • CEO
    • COO
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Director
    • General Merchandise Manager
  • Store Operations
    • Regional Manager
    • District Manager
    • Store Manager
    • Department Sales Manager
    • Assistant Store Manager
  • Key Support
    • Category Management
    • Buying
    • Inventory Planning and Analysis
    • Supply Chain/Logistics
    • Ecommerce
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Loss Prevention
    • Real Estate/Store Planning
  • Wholesale/Manufacturing
    • Account and Territory Management
    • Brand Managerment
    • Product Development
    • Design
    • Distribution/Logistics