Developing and teaching the rules and habits for the “New Normal”

The question is, how do you help your organization develop and learn them?

“Leading through COVID-19”

“COVID-19 Awareness”/”COVID-19 Prevention”

“Delivery : COVID-19 Precautions”/”Takeout: COVID-19 Precautions”

“Managing Restaurants in the Time of Coronavirus”

These are just a few of the topics covered in currently available COVID-19 courses for the hospitality industry. Each organization will also have its own detailed procedures for personal hygiene, PPE handling, social distancing, housekeeping & workplace sanitation, food handling, managing guest expectations and more. With all this new knowledge to impart and new habits to develop, how can you ensure you’ll be able to keep your staff and guests safe and reassured, and keep your operation in compliance with rapidly evolving government regulations and health care guidance?

Training your teams, from Head Office to the front line, will be the key to a safe and successful migration to the “New Normal” over the coming months.

Recognizing the rapidly approaching and extensive need for top grade training and development professionals, in recent weeks the JRoss team has proactively connected with hundreds of training experts across Canada in Canada’s largest service sectors – hospitality and retail - to gain a sense of the talent profile available.

To share some of what they found, the candidate profiles below will give you an idea of the types of Training & Development skills and experience that hospitality firms will be looking for.

Senior Manager of Training - Calgary

This candidate is passionate about creating and designing employee training programs geared to sales growth, improved operational excellence and employee engagement. They come with a demonstrated knowledge of instructional design and adult learning concepts, combined with a focus on learning solutions design and development for the retail sector. They’ve leveraged their years of experience leading teams at the district level to create a robust in-classroom and online learning management system. Working with their team to respond to the new retail reality, they’re currently focusing their efforts on ensuring their store teams are ready to be deployed backed to work and will be able to comply with the new operational protocols.

National Training Manager – Vancouver

This award-winning learning partner has worked for some of Canada’s most trusted brands and has deep experience across a broad range of commodities, selling environments and store formats. They support organizational objectives through the alignment of learning strategies and the execution of solutions designed to result in an increase in employee engagement and performance. Currently overseeing a diverse team of Training Specialists, their genuine interest in the underpinnings of business as strategic context for organizational change, their ability to clearly identify needs and their project management skills make them a standout in their field. Here you have a business partner with a strong grasp of the learning principles that equip leaders and front line staff with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to meet the needs of your guests.

Field Training Specialist - Toronto

The most important ingredient to success in the restaurant business is to ensure that your leadership group shares your commitment to developing high-performing teams, delivering exceptional guest service and serving the highest quality food. This Field Training Specialist works on the front line, and is responsible for ensuring that both franchise and corporate restaurants operate profitably while maintaining brand standards. They’ve spearheaded the development and implementation of a new corporate Customer Satisfaction Survey giving real time, actionable feedback to the Store Operations team, leading to an ability to focus on ongoing improvement at the unit level. They’ve executed e-learning, classroom and in-store training for new Franchisees and Head Office employees. They’ve trained all new Area Managers, ensuring a consistent in-store experience nationally. This highly skilled training professional has a proven track record for developing teams who are in the game of constantly mastering their skillsets and are totally prepared for what they have to execute on.