Hotel Association of Canada Conference Feb 27 & 28 – will we see you there?

It’s information you can use now – from your peers and other industry experts

For the Canadian hotel sector, 2018 was a solid year and one that set 2019 up for continued strong performance.

At the end of 2018 the 3 key metrics – ADR, RevPAR and Occupancy – had all increased solidly YoY. The construction pipeline was at a cyclical high, yet in 2019 demand is forecast to continue to grow at twice the rate of supply. Overnight arrivals were up for 2018 and are forecast to deliver another record year in 2019, while domestic travel remained strong. For more details as an employer, click here, and for more details as a job seeker, click here.

These are solid indicators, but what do they mean for you as an operator or a job seeker?

If you want to find out what industry leading consultants and other hotel operators see coming – and what they’re doing about it - the HAC Conference is the place to be.

In this dynamic day and a half event you will be able to:

  • See who the industry-leading recipients of the 2018 Awards of Excellence are
  • See multiple presentations on key business operations and HR issues & opportunities
  • Learn about how to harness change and what the future of work looks like – for you, and your teams
  • Network with, and learn from, hundreds of other Hotel professionals

For more information you can visit the HAC web page at

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